Behavior Changes During Pandemic

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The Covid -19 Pandemic has changed our life 180 degree up and down by staying at home, which may imparted on our health in positive way and negative way. Now days We all live in a atmosphere where we all scared to go outside, avoiding all crowds , that's the main point of our life's in this time period of pandemic our safety and security .

behavior changes during pandemic
Behavior changes in Pandemic
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It seems natural that people are more prone to anxiety, depression and fear when facing unknown things or disease. The more worried people are the more anxious they become. This Covid-19  is changing our life we travel, shop, work, communicate and more but what you think which new habits are likely to stick permanently ? Today I am going to explore few psychological behavior changes during this pandemic. 

1.Travelling Behavior:

travelling in corona
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Everyone is scared to travel in this time of Pandemic, Social Distancing, Quarantine. Those days are gone when everybody was travelling here and there without any fear. We all are afraid to travel  in public Transports ,We are scared of physical contact with anonymous. 

2. Indoor Stay Behavior:

Stay Home and Social distancing is a new part of our daily life from last year when this covid-19 started. 

Indoor stay behavior
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Because of staying home for long period of times some are facing some kind of phobia's e.g.

(a) Agoraphobia: Fear of Open spaces or crowds

(b) Anthrophobia : Fear of People or Society

(c) Aphenphosmphobia: Fear of Being Touched

(d) Haphephobia: Fear of Touch

(e) HypochondriaFear of Illness

(f) Xenophobia: Fear of Strangers or Foreigners

people are scared of going out, meeting people, afraid of illness, frighten of strangers so many behavior changes are happening these days to be honest I am one of them who is facing few of the above said phobias.

3.Close Contact Behavior:

Strange behaviors everyone is facing these days as a result of this Social Isolation, Social Distancing, Lockdown, Pandemic seriously I can't believe we all are getting little emotionless , feeling less e.g: If some one dies with any of the reason even except Corona ,Funerals are the most difficult time for the family of deceased. The best way to support such family is helping hand and encouragement. 

Close contact behavior
Social Isolation
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  But people don't want to go on funerals, because they are scared of this pandemic and covid-19 . Any other social family gatherings people are avoiding with fear of this severe illness. We all are panicky with thought of someone contact us.

4. Employee/ Employer Behavior:

In these pandemic waves with lockdowns employees and employer are aware of mental stress can significantly impact on their health and behavior. The employer have fear of business losses and employees have fear of getting fired any time from their jobs. 

Employee and employer behavior
Employee And Employer Fears
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Because everyone have some sort of responsibilities on them to fulfill at every start of the month. Some certain expenditure which you can't avoid is the  need to pay on time so all of this is impacting huge behavior changes in employee and employer.

Positive Side:

We need to pay more attention to public psychological stress, specially young generation, as they are likely to experience anxiety, depression and psychological abnormalities. The waves of this Pandemic in which lockdown measures are relaxed and imposed are likely to increase everyone's sense of insecurity. Now lets talk about few positive things about all of this pandemic :

1.Increased Digital Adoption:

People are shifting digital platform for daily life routine as they use digital platform in their life and business to stay connected in a words that is physical disconnection. 

Digital tools
Digital Tools
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Although I believe increasing use of digital tools is blurring the lines between work, lifestyle and social interaction but some how some where it saved many people to get unemployed, to get out of touch of their loved ones to whom they can't meet but they can stay connected through these digital platforms where they can see each other and feel relaxed.

2. Purchasing Behavior:

Online Shopping
Value Based Purchasing
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Everyone is more into value based purchasing and online purchasing which is nice for people in this time of pandemic when unnecessary expenditure is not required ,everyone is stick to basic needs of their life.

3.Increase Awareness of Health:

We were never ever be this much conscious about our health before, it's all because of this  period of time in which we really realized  health is most important, wearing masks, increased hygiene , healthy eating's, avoiding junk food.

Immune system
Health Awareness
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We are concentrating on boosting our immune system.

4.New Talents :

 It's been a perfect time for people to learn new habits or new hobbies which can really help them to stand alone in a crowd. In this period of time people really are into start their own new small businesses or they are turning their hobbies into earning by sitting at home.

New talents
Small Business
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 Lots of people who got fired became entrepreneurs with their own hidden talents which they never discovered or noticed until this time of pandemic when they have no job in their hands.

So I am summing up with the thought in coming days everything will be normal again and we will stick to some positive good habits and learn to live with most important things in our life, count our blessings.

After Covid get over
Normal Life After Pandemic
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I hope you all have enjoyed reading my article being psychology student I pointed few points of people behavioral changes during this time. Please comment below if I missed any point.

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