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When last year whole world went into Lockdown and this Pandemic has changed our life in every aspect and continued to this year 2021,These days Staying Home and Social Distancing is part of our daily routine. We all are furious , anxious , worried and got panic in our daily  life's routine, we all are in a situation where we can not go outside and because of this we all are loosing interest in our skin care routine which really  needs to be considered in these days.

Skin Care In Pandemic
Skin Care in Pandemic 
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  If your skin is dry from all your crying and  have dark circle from sleepless nights the silver lining to all of this is that we'll be all skin scholars by the time this pandemic over and trust me follow below mentioned steps to take care of your skin in this  pandemic and thanks me later .

1. Face Masking:

Whenever we go outside,we all are bound to wear face mask for our safety side, so because of wearing face mask  problems can be causes acne, friction dermatitis and dry skin. First of all try for breathable silk or cotton  fabric Face Mask with double layer of protection and should be sterile and not to be touched continuously. Whenever you come home clean your face and apply generous amount of moisturizer and always wash your cotton masks and dry in sun light.

Face mask in covid
Face Mask 
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 When wearing face mask on your face always try to go with no makeup because  makeup products can clog our pores and can cause acne and other skin related issues so try to follow  the simple CTM and wear mask than go outside if necessary.

2. Exfoliate :

Face Exfoliate
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We really need to exfoliate our skin once in a week to get a flawless glowy skin. The science behind this exfoliation is due to this pandemic and lockdown's our skin is getting dry ,lifeless and losing its charm so for that we really need to exfoliate with mild scrub to get a flawless skin which can give you confidence while staying at home.

3.Face Massage:

Time to time like once in week or once in 15 days you need to massage your face with rich moisturizer, massage cream or Any face oil (whichever is available ) you can use coconut oil too which I have explained in my last article thoroughly. You can start massage with any cream or oil after cleansing your face gently  in upward motions for 5-10 minutes.

Skin Care Routine in Pandemic
Face Massage
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This can help your skin to absorb as much as required hydration in this current pandemic as we are facing lifeless ,dry skin so here's the solution .

4.Drink Water:

Drink at least 1-2 litter water per day,  trust me your skin will say thank you for this trick because this much of water will easily flush out any toxins and impurities from your body and lower the chances of flu.

Pandemic Skin care
Drink Water
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 This will help in dry skin condition too because sometimes dry skin is a sign of dehydration so whenever get time drink water by sip sip method whole day ,you will notice visible results with glowing skin.

5.Green Vegetables And Fruits:

Doctors and Ayurveda it self saying during Covid you should consume as many as vegetables and fruits because fruits and vegetables including leafy vegetables like, Spinach, kale or lettuce  help keep the body's immune system working properly. 

Pandemic Diet
Green Vegetables And Fruits
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Basically the food you eat key aspect in determine your overall health and immune system .These green vegetable and fruits have so many health benefits including great skin and hair so start including it in your daily life ,in the form of soup or salad.

6.Limit the Exposure of Phone's :

Yes, you read correct limit the exposure to phone because the blue waves from these phones and electric devices are harmful for our skin. These exposures can shrunken the skin cells. 

Phone's Blue Light Exposure
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These can speed up the aging process so try to limit the exposure to phone blue waves (light) 


Have you remember "Sleeping Beauty" ? yes, beauties we really need to have at least 8 hours of sleep,in this particular sleeping time our damaged skin cells rebuilt which is necessary for our youthful skin and 7-8 hours sleep helps in building immune system too. 

How to sleep better
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Lack of sleep will leave you tired and impair your brain activity.So never ever compromise on your beauty sleep.

8. Exercise/Yoga:

In current period of Pandemic time if you cant go out for exercise or walk than you can do yoga at home with so many yoga videos available on Youtube practice breathing exercises at least for 30 minutes daily .

Yoga at home in pandemic
Yoga At Home
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This Yoga or Exercise for 30 minutes daily practice will help in immune boosting and helps in releasing the toxins from the body.

Life Style in Pandemic
Skin Care In Pandemic
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So here's the skin care routine in pandemic you should follow to get glowy skin and build immune system. You can thank me later after doing above said steps and see the visible results in your overall health and on your face. You can comment below what you feel after reading my this article.

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