Today's daily busy schedule life you will do anything to protect your skin from Sun's Harmful Ultra Violet Rays and applying makeup with SPF is simplest way to protect your skin from these Harmful Rays.It's easy to skip few skincare steps and jump on the next step so that we can save our time like if makeup may be foundation,Face Powder or Tinted Moisturizer  with sunscreen that is great for our skincare.All thanks to makeup advertisements which really claims full responsibilities of protection from UVA/UVB etc.We always feel like if your foundation or face powder have certain SPF than its fine to skip sunscreen But this is not right way to takecare of you skin.Experts Says Makeup with Sunscreen in it doesn't help skin protection from Sun harmful Rays.If you are confused between UVA/UVB or SPF Mineral Sunscreen or Chemical Sunscreen than read this post which has everything you need to know 

  • What do you think your Foundation or Tinted Moisturizer maybe BB Cream or Face powder which has SPF protect your skin from Harmful Rays comparing to actual Sunscreen ?

So Answer is " NO " because These makeup products like foundation or Tinted Moisturizer all have SPF 15 or 20 or may be 25 but actual Sunscreens are Broad Spectrum means protection from both UVA/UVB with SPF 30 TO 50 which in actually give more skin protection from these harmful Rays.My favourite SunScreen Avene Eue Thermale Very High Protection Emulsion UVA SPF 50+  which really have little sticky type texture which helps in foundation settling and stick on face.

After Reading that Makeup products filled with SPF are not protecting comparably Sunscreen, doesn't mean you don't need SPF Makeup Product because It's always increasing the skin protection from Harmful Rays  if we do layering of SPF like After applying SPF Moisturizer than Sunscreen than followed by SPF Foundation followed with SPF Concealers so...... in that way applying all makeup products with SPF in it meaning double protection .You can layering up SPF Filled  Products.

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