WEIGHT LOSS : Foods to Avoid if want to reduce weight

Everybody is rushing to get fit body and wants to shed that extra kilos.Which are stuck on their body ,all thanks to latest trends on Instagram and Facebook or I can say is today’s world is showing off their bodies on social media platforms that everyone else start thinking that they have worse body because they start comparing their self with these social media personalities, but the truth is everybody has a beautiful heart which resides inside our body all are perfect with their angles.We don’t need to take that seriously to look perfect means model type bodies which is a unreal truth showing on social media we should respect our body.

weight loss

Yes... we need to take care of our body but in moderation like not excess but yes in a way that we should look fit not skinny.
Body transformation starts from our kitchen so here are few food items which needs to avoid to loss weight and stay fit:

Salt :
To reduce the weight you need to avoid salt as causes you retain fluid and making it harder to reduce extra kilos.option can be Pink Salt 


weight loss

It increases in producing insulin which pulling  glucose into cells and  further promote body to holds fat for future use.Instead of Sugar use Stevia which is healthier version.

If you are on weight loss mode than try to avoid oil as much as you can like fried food or deep fries etc. This will add to your weight gain . You can use Olive Oil but in Moderate.

Junk Food:
These Burgers,Pizza's ,Sandwiches,Noodles all type of junk food is big NO NO if you are trying to lose weight as these food in our body takes lots of time to digest and turn into rigid fat so avoid as much as you can.

Aerated Drinks: 
Aerated drinks such as sodas,Drinks,packed fruit juices, are high in sugar and increase calories with no time.


weight loss

Alcoholic beverages are calories dense and generally high in sugar can add extra kilos on your tummy .

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  1. You should scale directly back dairy items, particularly cow's milk, despite the fact that you can appreciate little helpings of fat free and low sugar yogurt.

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