Pond's Age Miracle Day Cream Review

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This is my first review blog for Pond's Age Miracle Cell ReGEN Day Cream SPF 15P++ . Today's time is full of pollution impurities in air which we face daily basis because of these reasons our skin becomes dull and exposure to sun damaged our skin pre mature wrinkles .

Intelligent Pro Cell Complex TM
A Potent combination of 6 bio-actives that stimulates your skin from within giving it 3x more renewal process.

Product says:
Unlock younger looking skin with this moisture rich day cream formulated with intelligent Pro Cell Complex TM and SPF 15 PA++ by rapidly renewing skin cells it visibly reduces fine lines wrinkles and age spots so that you feel up to 10 years younger.

Price :595 for 50gm

My experience with Age Miracle day cell ReGEN  Cream:

I'm using it from last 2 years.I'm satisfied with this product .After certain age when your skin doesn't produce new cells or becoming dull dehydrated due to pollution,becoming uneven skin due to age factor and sleep deprived  there are lots of reasons for  bad skin or dull face.
But this is the cream which even out the skin like its new skin built in.Uneven skin tones fades away , control pre mature ageing signs.gives youthful skin,its complete package of BB cream or sunscreen,foundation etc. Once you will try i'm sure you will not leave it.it gives natural glow on your face.

you need to clean your face with face wash or face cleansing milk what ever is your choice apply little moisturizer on your face after that apply little amount of Age miracle on your face and you are done.It contains SPF 15 so don't required any sunscreen but if you feel like extra care you can apply sunscreen.

Fragrance: it give flowery fragrance very soothing natural essence.its color is baby pink ,very smooth texture.

Rating: 4.5/5

Recommend Suggestion: Yes i'll diffidently recommend to try once.

Repurchase: Yes i'll repurchase .

Suggestions and comments are always welcome .

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