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Do you really think Valentine's Day is a day worth celebrating ? I can understand for some people it can be stressful and disappointing. If you're in relationship ,and your partner is someone who doesn't care about Valentine's day, then it can be frustrating for you. All restaurants and Movie theaters are always full of stupid crowds on Valentine's day, and trying to dress sexy even when it's freezing outside which is a challenge in itself. If your mind is occupied with all these kind of thoughts and questioning why Valentine's Day is even a thing, then please allow me to tell you Why Valentin's Day is a day worth celebrating.

valentine day

Few ways in which you should be celebrating your valentine's day and  trust me you will not regret it.

valentine day

 Let's begin to make extra special day for the person you care and love. So here are few ideas to make your day special :

1. Short Messages :

Now, You'll think seriously short message to express love on special day then I'll say, No, short messages for one time but for full day like it's time of technology and social media, people are so stuck in their phones so here's trick send him/her short messages/ Love Quotes or Poetry /shayari whole day on his/her social media accounts.

valentine day

 But if you want to be more romantic then grab the paper and pen like old times, write small message on beautiful stickies and paste on where your partner goes, like his wardrobe or maybe on fridge or maybe it can be on his pillow ,in his/her car which will be so romantic in this era of technology, hand written notes.

2. Role Play :

Are you kidding me ? Yes, you read right role play . I don't necessarily mean sexy kind of role-playing, though that might be fun too, but You have to pretend to be a stranger for one day to each other and see the magic ,lets propose her  like first time and see the fascinating strange feelings .
valentine day

  You will flow with the turmoil of love and trust me that feeling will light up your present love life. Which might become blurry with time because after certain time people start taking their love for granted which may affect their healthy relationship. So try out Role play, this Valentine Day and let me know in comment section .

3. Wine Night with Romantic Movie:

For instance ,watching a movie at home instead of getting stuck with a bunch of strangers in claustrophobic box. Coziness and privacy are crucial catalysts for a romantic date night. lets make it a memorable event for him/her with glasses of wine and Romantic Movies in the night, Valentine Day only happens once ,So why not indulge yourselves? Buy that pricey bottle of red wine, you'd your eye on, you won't regret it.
valentine day

 Cuddling each other on couch watching romantic movies and drinking sip sip wine , You can not imagine that will be so relaxing and perfect to express your inner feelings to your partner.
Valentine day

  You can select Very Romantic movies like Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson in Fifty Shades of Grey , Fifty Shades Darker, Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka in 365 Days, Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidma in Eyes Wide Shut or Comedy Romantic Movies like The Holiday, Notting Hills , Holidate or you can watch Hindi Romantic Movies like Shahid Kapoor and Kareena kapoor in Jab We Met, Shahrukh Khan and Kajol in DDLJ, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone in Yeh jawani hai Deewani, all depends upon your choices and enjoy your beautiful evening continue till mid night ta...da.

4. Long Drive :

Long peaceful drive along with sensual music will set the mood for an unforgettable day out .It might be a long since you graduate from making out in car, but a little playfulness will send him/her back to the old days and definitely spark him/her.
valentine day

 I'll not suggest, vodka or tequila shots on the way to make it more of over the clouds, but you can take a sip sip of Cold drinks as well. Yes, with few snacking and listening to your favorite romantic music. You know music has a real healing power which can sort so much in your life ,so how about taking your love life in deep sea of romantic feelings. Let's go

5. Couple Spa Day :

Our love life would be boring without some spice in it. What say ? A dose of mischief once in a while certainly adds that extra zing to relationship.
Valentine day

 There are Spa centers which offer couple spa packages , where you and your partner both can take spa services together , Apart from leaving you amazingly rejuvenated, they are sure to tickle your 'LOVE' senses with few drinks and trust me that will be unforgettable moments for both of you for lifetime. So enjoy and don't forget to share your experience in comments section.
Now ! before you start imagining things, book yours ..

6. Try Something Crazy :

Yes, curious to know , age is just a number so don't count it , Try some new activity which you'd never consider on a normal day of the year.

valentine day

 Surprised ! 
  • You can try cooking something together, baking 
  • Hot Bath tub Together 
valentine day

  • Book a one night stay, a night away from all of your life chaos .
  • Stargaze in your backyard or on terrace simply laying with your loved one in blanket looking at the stars together.
valentine day

So many other crazy ideas you can create with your imagination.

7. Dance Night :


valentine day

Here's a trick , I suggest you not to go anywhere, stay at home in your lobby or bedroom switch on few dim lights with romantic music, voices become ambiguous to you when you both are in sync. Eye to eye contact and follow the rhythm of music and go on .

8. Send Your Pics :

Use technology to build anticipation through out the day by sending your pics and short naughty messages .
valentine day
 By the time you both meet up, You both will be in valentines Day Spirit .

valentine day

I've tried something outside the box for this Valentine's Day. It’s not about valentine's Day, it’s about taking a break from your busy life for your loved one and escape from your usual daily routine to add little spice to your relationship. But you can always create your own way of celebrating this day with your partner, because you know your loved one better then anyone else, his/her feelings and likes/ dislikes so go on try something unique .

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